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The Bonhoeffer Show

Dec 29, 2020

Help people cut through the political rhetoric and see the truth of Scripture. We are called to make disciples and that will take the Babel out of Babylon. When pastors set down the teaching of Scripture and pick up only politics we leave behind God’s call.

We might be living as exiles in Babylon, but our call has...

Dec 22, 2020

Will we stand up for what is right or will we speak up? Bill discusses the question of when to stand up. Not the easiest question to answer once one begins to think. Maybe that is why so many don’t have a difficult time answering the question…they don’t think.

Dec 15, 2020

Bill speaks to the issues of the day. Silence in the face of evil is affirmation. Will we see the new face of evil before it is too late, or must we wait on the bodies to pile in the streets?

Dec 8, 2020

The World has lost its mind. Bill discusses how fiction has replaced truth and how critical theory has so dramatically impacted what is going on around us.

Dec 1, 2020

Bill takes us on a deep dive past all the layers to get down to what controls so much of what we think and do. Critical Theory Put on your SCUBA gear for this one ladies and gentlemen.